Welcome to Serenity Lodge Healing. In this practice I offer Energy Frequency Healing and Soul Retrieval work for people via distance healing. For the Animals I offer my Animal Healing / Communication work via Distance Healing.


Animal : Red

Red is in a lot of gut pain. He has ulcers and terrible diarrhea.
Very low depressed and lots of NOs, lying down.

After session:
Amazing. Jumping out of his skin Xx energy to burn. Running around and alive xx.

Animal : Gemma

Gemma Before Session:

She has been through a dramatic period of block training to get her back into work and it’s had a huge impact on her. Gemma has gone into shutdown . Doesn’t seem to want to be ridden, lashing out and angry.
I need to communicate with her and reassure her that we will take it all back to the basics of love and relationship and together we will be okay.
She is broken and defensive, angry.Let down and disconnected from me.

After 1st Distance Healing Session:

Omg wow.
I meet Gemma’s eyes today. She looked away and then came back and accepted my gaze.
We were about 15 meters apart and we held each other visually. I apologized in person and and cried and told her things will get better.
We nuzzled. She breathed on me and then I let her go so as not to overload her.
I feel so so strongly that we can get through this together. With you help and come out stronger and braver
I took Miss Gemma on a bush walk today just as we had done 100 times before. Long rein. Long neck. Big out breaths and lots of gratitude.

Second Distance Healing Session:

Focus for the session:
A check in on her ulcer pain and body work.
Some guidance on her soul health and recovery.
To gain a sense of direction from her about what she wants from her relationship with me.

After Second Distance Healing Session:

SO Miss Gemma was running and bucking this morning. SOOOO high spirited and free xxx
Gemma is doing really well. She has taken over the role as leader once more.

Third Distance Healing Session:

I am needing to know if she is feeling ready to recommence some work with me again and If so what that might look like.

After Third Distance Healing Session :

So yesterday I was weeding in Gemma’s paddock.
My brother on the phone. Gemma would not leave me my side.
In my face. All over my hair and exchanging breaths is nostrils.
I decided it was time to get started and filled my pockets with goodies and spent time together.
I was able to climb on bare back and toddle around.
Today we went for a walk in hand and practiced some language skills.
I then decided we would try some of our old tricks.
Here we are leading out a trail ride in a head collar and lead rope.

Happy happy girl

Gemma is a different horse. What she is offering me is deeper than I have ever felt with her.
We are communicating on deep a clear level. It’s nuts.
She seems so happy. She greets me. Tracks me and engages all day when I am in the space.
I just can’t describe it accurately. It’s like I speak through my body and she hears me. I am just feeling her and exploring together.

Miss Gemma had a play date.
She was fantastic. She had so much fun and got so excited and was cantering up and down hills. So so funny.
Lovely lose rein just loving life.
She is so so connected and even when I unsaddled her in the yard and she was free to roll and eat, she stuck to me like glue.

How does Distance Healing work?

The world we live in is made of energy. Quantum science and other branches of scientific research have recently confirmed this. Healers have been aware of this for centuries.

We are all made of energy , in fact we are mostly empty space, but our sensory perceptions limit our beliefs around this.

We all are made of energy vibrating at varying frequency manifesting in life. Some Healers can intuitively work with this energy or learn a process to do so. Healing is a transferring and balancing the energy system of the client. Working with pure energy consciousness outside the limitations of time and space, not at the physical form level.

This enables the healer to send Energy Frequency Healing to a person or animal that is physically distant from them and also this can be done when not in physical form.

As Einstein said” you can’t solve a problem at the same level of consciousness. that created it “



I have has developed my own powerful unique template of Energy Frequency Healing. This came about from the development of my clairvoyant abilities working through my process with a Barbara Brennan trained Energy Medicine therapist / Shaman/Sound Healer for over a decade . My work grew from my new experiences of myself and deepening of consciousness.

I have also trained in level 1 and 2 Reiki.

Distinction in Diploma Of Soul Retrieval at the Center Of Excellence.

Unicorn and Unicorn Energy Diploma Center Of Excellence.


I believe that our own ability to heal is innate within ourselves. I believe this innate ability to heal also includes all animals. My work using energy frequency techniques and working with the energy consciousness around the animal’s body is done and will assist your animal’s process of bringing itself back into alignment within itself.

Animal and human image