Energetic Frequency Healing

Fifi Munro’s healing work with people is effective on many levels.

This work can help you move through emotional issues, physical problems, immune system functioning, self worth and areas of life that you feel aren’t serving you and assisting you in becoming all that you can be.

The work is holistic and what is being addressed at the time of treatments unfolds in a gradual way from your energetic system. Fifi works through the energy system surrounding your body. Trauma and other negative experiences are released from the energetic system, allowing more of ones life-force and own being to be felt.

It can also create a general sense of well being, happiness, relaxation and rejuvenation by allowing new experiences into your life, thereby increasing your overall good health and well being.

The Healing Process

A healing session generally lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours and it will be uniquely structured to your individual requirements in the moment.

Whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual or about your relationships and general unhealthy beliefs about life, Fifi acts as a support in your own healing process bringing you into alignment within yourself. Therefore, the session is based upon what you are asking for at the time. This is an empowering process for you, as it is your own personal healing process that is unique to you. You only need your commitment to yourself and doing your own process work.

Everybody’s experience of Fifi’s work is different and unique to them and their own process. You will be supported in a safe and loving environment for your unfoldment.

Fifi works via distance healing.

Consulation: $140 Hour



Name: Matthew

Location: Wentworth Falls

I came to Fifi in a time where my life had hurdles that overwhelmed me. So much so that I personally thought I couldn’t overcome them on my own. I was depressed, lacked motivation and physical energy all-in-all. After our 2 hour session, it’s like a miracle had just happened. My life changed for the better and I thank Fifi Munro and her gift for helping me get over my personal hurdles in just 2 hours!.

The whole experience was truly out of this world and I urge every one around the world to try it. Every one carries scars that need healing. Get healed today. It was sincerely worth every single penny.

Rachel Katoomba NSW

Having exhausted more “conventional” modes of therapy for the treatment of childhood trauma yet still feeling an obstructive psycho-emotional residue that logical adult analysis could mitigate some but not completely erase,I turned to Fifi for assistance.To date Ive had just 2 sessions and the changes Ive experienced are significant. Without divulging too much personal detail, Im feeling calmer and far less quick to anger.I have considerably more patience for those around me- particularly my family.Im enjoying a newfound emotional balance and a sense of what can only be described{ however inadequately} as expansion. I don’t pretend to know exactly what it is that Fifi does but whatever it is, it works – on the deepest of levels of being-and I look forward to future visits.


Angela Katoomba NSW

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have a soul retrieval session with Fifi. Wow what an experience. I had lots of snapshots of my life coming through like an old fashion movie clip. I also had a continuous vision of a wolf. Fifi told me this is my power animal. Fifi retrieved four fragments of my soul and I could resonate with all of them especially the two little girls hiding under the bed. The day after I experience headaches and tummy aches, then to my amazement I had a nose bleed. When the bleeding stopped, so did the head and tummy ache. I experienced a release, a cleansing so to speak. Since then I regularly experience child like behaviour, such as, not stepping on the lines of the tiles or footpath and a desire to do the things I did as a child like roasting chestnuts in the wood fire. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.

Elizabeth N.S.W

Hi FiFi,
Just a word of thanks for your assistance. Sometimes it just takes a special light to shine.
You were asked by me, to communicate with my horse, the question,“Can I could trust you?”. To me trust is the most important ingredient of our relationship. (The love is already there.) The reason being that I lost all confidence in a horse accident in 2012. I need to trust him, to enable me to go forward. The answer I received was profound. He communicated to Fi Fi that he could only trust me as much as I trusted myself. So I knew that I was enough for my horse, and I had to work on my anxiety. To center my self before working with him was the basis to my working with him. We did lots of ground work, then when I thought I was ready. I harnessed him up and centered myself (self talk is not always easy) before taking up the reins. I then simply asked him to walk on. He did not put a foot wrong and we both enjoyed our first drive out. The first of many more to come.


Energy Frequency Healing Disclosure

The purpose of this form is to explain to you what I can do for you and what you can expect. My belief about healing is that each of us is his or her own healer; that healing comes primarily from within. I can assist you in your healing by using various techniques, which will balance your energy and enhance your sense of well-being.

Among the techniques that I use is energy/frequency healing by the laying on of hands through the Subtle Energy Consciousness System which surrounds and interpenetrates the body. The work can be done in person or by long distance via the telephone. I will be able to tell you where energy is blocked in your body and help you to release these blocks.

We may discuss the major stressors in your life, your belief systems, health history, your childhood and other issues that have an influence on your emotional and physical well-being.

These discussions will be kept confidential except:

a) If and to the extent authorised by yourself.

b) As required for my professional supervision where your name remains anonymous, and only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of the supervision.

c) When disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to yourself or others.

d) As required by law.

e) If I am a defendant in a civil, criminal or disciplinary action arising from the client relationship (in which case client confidences may only be disclosed in the course if that action).

At your written request or approval, and according to my capabilities, and in good conscience, and professional judgment that I may I consult with your other healers, therapists, physicians and spiritual teachers as appropriate to maximize the benefits to yourself.

I am not a physician and therefore do not diagnose disease or prescribe drugs. At all times your healing is your responsibility. I am available to be your partner in this process, your committed listener, and your mirror. I do not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving. My work is intended to be in harmony with any other healing work that you undertake, including traditional medicine.